Ancestral Anecdotes

Random facts and entertaining stories about the lives of our ancestors.
Voss Transcription and Translation
Transcription and translation provided by Heritage Research and published with the express permission of the client.
Posted May 7, 2018

My Picks

Book and product reviews.
My Pick: Research Guides

As genealogists, whether professionals or newbies, we love discoveries. Finding that elusive ancestor or document is a positively buzz-inducing eve...

Posted July 9, 2016

In The Know

How-to guides and investigative articles for the modern genealogist.
Genealogy and The Golden State Killer: Part One

As genealogists we're naturally curious creatures. We seek to solve the mysteries in inherent in our work. Of course, gripping enigmas aren'...

Posted May 7, 2018

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Heritage Research is a company offering comprehensive genealogical research focusing on, but certainly not limited to, Texas and the Southern United States. I have fourteen years of experience in family history research and belong to prominent organizations including the National Genealogical Society.

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